Arched valances add shape to your window. These window treatments don’t care whether your window is arched already or is a standard, rectangular window. The arched shape will be created on the window with this style of valance, no matter what. Let’s take a look at some examples from custom workrooms using this unique idea.


Flat Rod Pocket Valances

Fabrics nowadays are becoming more and more unique. Thanks to these fabrics, valances nowadays are looking more like a canvas with colorful art and less like a boring piece of beige, cheap fabric we’ve seen on windows decades ago. These fabric designs are best displayed on flat and tailored valances. The arched rod pocket valance is the simplest and most budget-friendly way to pull this off like the interior designers do.


A black and gold French country toile valance. Notice the choice of brass hardware to match the gold in the fabric. This valance was part of a room with a built-in window bench, so matching throw pillows were made for this project, too.


Rooster Toile Valance in Black and White A black and white rooster print is centered on this arched valance. The arched bottom of the valance was really brought into focus thanks to 3-inch tassel fringe in black and gold.


The same window treatment style can be made with two layers. This way, an accent fabric can be introduced to the bottom of the valance while blocking out the sun in the process.


The example above was a soft arch, but the arch can be made even more extreme, as we do with our Parisian valance. It isn’t uncommon for our clients to choose a bold fringe like this red one to take advantage of the arched shape of this style.


Here’s another example, this one using a chocolate brown tassel fringe against the subtle green bird fabric.


Flat Trumpet Valances

Trumpets, or bells, can be added to the sides of each arched section, as was done with this black and gold farm print valance. The bottom of the valance was sewn with 1-1/2 inch scalloped trim in old gold.


This valance uses 4-inch tassel fringe in gold that matched the gold accent fabric inside the trumpets. The burgundy fabric used here was a woven upholstery-weight fabric.


Arched Double Window Valance Custom The same valance can be made for double or triple wide windows by repeating the arched, flat sections. Here, we see a black and white damask print fabric with bold beaded tassel fringe in red again.


Black and White Custom Valance

Of course, black scalloped fringe can also be used to make the overall design more universal.


The same style of window treatment was used to turn a pair of French doors into the equivalent of a double wide window.


Board-Mounted Arched Valances

Next, we’ll go beyond simple rod pocket valance and look at board-mounted valances.


This valance made of a cream damask fabric had a flat, arched section in the middle that was framed by loosely gathered sections that mimic the look of side jabots. All three sections were mounted on a wooden board, making this valance look great when viewed from the side. Venetian blinds were added under the valance for privacy.


Burgundy and Yellow Living Room Curtains Here’s another damask valance. This one had a soft arch that spanned across an extra wide window. The valance only needed a few inverted box pleats on each side and gold tassel fringe that matched the silk draperies to finish the overall look.


Speaking of silk draperies, consider them as a luxurious upgrade underneath an arched valance. Here, a cinnamon silk fabric was used to create a puddled drapery and an arched board-mount valance with knife pleats.


The simple rod pocket valances I’ve shown you first can also be made into a board-mounted valance. It’s a great opportunity to center a unique fabric pattern like this bird print (Waverly Olana/Boward in Bay Leaf). The orange from the fabric was used for the silk accent fabric and extra long acrylic bead fringe as well.



Since these valances project towards the wall, you’ll typically see a kick pleat, or corner pleat. It’s best to find a color that’s found in the main fabric but has a high enough contrast to stand out.


Gold Stripe Window Cornice Some board-mounted valances can be cornices, too. This living room’s double windows were dressed with an arched cornice in a traditional gold color.


Other Ideas of Arched Valances

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with two more ideas. This is our Emily tab top valance. At first sight, it doesn’t look like an arched valance since each flat section is separated by a short bell. But at second glance, you’ll quickly realize that the tassel trim at the bottom actually follows an arched shape.



Next, take a look at these ideas of more valance styles and find out which one will work on your window.

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