Shiplap, white and open spaces, we’re talking beach house design here. To complete the coastal look, you’ll need to cover those windows while still preserving the beautiful view.

And there’s no better (and affordable) custom solution than faux shade valances.

Here are some ideas you’ll love.


Coral Reef in Vista

We love this fabric because it’s a heavyweight linen and cotton blend, giving it a basketweave appearance. The Vista colorway features light blue and navy coral patterns on a white base. Shop for this faux shade here.



And here’s how that looks in a video:


Starfish in Vista

Continuing the streak of heavy linen blends and the Vista fabric color, Starfish is another fabric that brings the beach home, for obvious reasons. Contrary to what we thought, this fabric isn’t just for children’s rooms. We’ve had quite a few customers use this fabric above their kitchen sinks and in small bathrooms. Shop for this faux shade here.



Coral Reef in Harbor

Another color for this gorgeous linen blend fabric is Harbor. It’s a bit more subtle with a light blue and what we’d describe as sandy grey. Shop for this faux shade here.



Slub Linen in Natural

What better way to mimic the look of beachy sand than a solid natural fabric? This one too is a heavyweight linen blend with a basketweave texture. Embellishing it with coordinating ivory gimp trim is optional. Our customers often choose this valance for their living rooms thanks to its neutral, solid look that can last for years. Shop for this faux shade here.



You can really tell the nice thickness of the fabric with the video view from the side:


Revello Duck in Oro

You can’t have a playful beach house without some uplifting sunshine coming through the windows. To enhance that, consider a cheerful yellow fabric, like this oversized floral pattern printed on a medium-weight cotton with a slub texture. We recommend this for valances that are at least 18 inches long because of the scale of the pattern. Shop for this faux shade here.



Naples in French Grey

If you’re looking for another coral-themed fabric that’s not as heavyweight as the slub linens above, then Naples is another option. Plus, it comes in many color options besides French grey, including dark blue, passion pink, soft green, and others. And yes, as you can see, there are plenty of contrasting gimp choices available in case you’d like to make the valance stand out even more. Shop for this faux shade here.


Nadine in Cabana Blue

And then there’s Nadine, a white twill cotton fabric that just melts in your hands from its soft feel. Appropriately named Cabana Blue, the bright royal blue, turquoise, and green of this color just oozes tropical vibes. And the beige gimp trim shown here is picked up from the sandy beige details in the fabric. Shop for this faux shade here.



Ramey in Canal

Ramey is another fabric that gives off that relaxing, coastal vibe. Its soft color is neither blue nor green, and there’s just enough white in the fabric to create a contrast of intricate scrolls. Shop for this faux shade here.



Carlo in Vintage Indigo

You just can’t go wrong with navy blue in coastal design, so it’s no surprise this dotted stripe fabric seems to be such a great fit with the rest of the examples. Shop for this faux shade here.



Some More Ideas

And lastly, here are a few more ideas to consider if you want your home to look like it belongs on the beach.


Go for dirty white trims instead of pure white. While pure white does still work with the theme, somehow off white is more reminiscent of sandy beaches and that warm, subtle glow.


Mix two colors for a doubly beach vibe. For example, a sandy beige with an ocean spa green.



You can never go wrong with some combination of blue and white. The paint chip shown here is Sherwin Williams SW 9058 Secret Cove, by the way.


Here’s another take on the spa blue/green and sandy beige color combo. Paint chips shown: Sherwin Williams SW 6149 Relaxed Khaki (lower left) and Sherwin Williams SW 6162 Ancient Marble (upper right).

Now that you’ve seen all those faux shade examples, what comes to mind?

They’re clean, modern and definitely don’t give the old-fashioned, out of style vibe of dated valances.

Now let’s go take a look at more beachy fabric options for this style! Or take a look at our functional Roman shades too!

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