Relaxed Roman valances are a more casual version of our faux Roman shade valances.

The bottom hem of this type of window valance falls in a subtle swag-like fashion, giving it that “smiley-face” appearance. This gives it more depth, more volume, and makes it a perfect candidate to add nice tassel fringe or crystal bead fringe at the bottom.

Relaxed Roman valances are also a perfect addition to standard-size windows over a kitchen sink, and here’s why.


Our Relaxed Roman valances fit 22″ to 47″ window widths.

Windows above kitchen sinks typically are 34″ to 40″ wide windows with no trim or standard trim, or they are smaller windows with wide wooden trim around them.

Our relaxed Roman valances are available in 22″ to 48″ widths, making them a perfect solution as an outside mount for most small or standard width windows.


Relaxed Roman valance in Angelo in Riverway fabric. Find it here.


Relaxed Roman valances require very little space.

Windows over kitchen sinks tend to be sandwiched tightly in between cabinets, giving them very little room for window treatments or elaborate hardware. That’s why you rarely see heavy board-mounted swags and jabots, or heavy victory swags on these types of windows.

Relaxed Roman valances only require a few inches of wall space on each side. And if that’s not possible, they can hang using sprint tension rods or the decorative rod can hang higher above the cabinets if the cabinets don’t extend all the way up to the ceiling.

See this post for our measuring guide for relaxed Roman valances.


Relaxed Roman valance in Monroe in Snowy fabric. Find it here.


Relaxed Roman valances can be long.

Privacy is oftentimes important in busy areas like kitchens and bathrooms. So if you can’t quite afford a fully functional relaxed Roman shade, you can still achieve some privacy with a stationary relaxed Roman valance if you’re on a budget.

Our relaxed Romans go up to 34″ long, giving it plenty of length to cover at least half of a typical kitchen window.


Relaxed Roman valance in Valdosta in Tapestry fabric. Find it here.


Relaxed Roman valances can fit French doors.

Today’s open concept kitchens demand coordinated window treatments in three rooms at the same time – your kitchen, your breakfast area, and your living room.

So it’s understandable that you’d want your dining area French doors to be dressed the same as your kitchen windows.

That’s where relaxed Romans come in.

Because these valances start in narrow widths, they can easily fit the glass panes of French doors. Most French door glass is 22″ wide, so a 23″-wide relaxed Roman valance is perfect. If the door is made of steel, consider using a magnetic curtain rod so you don’t have to drill screws into the door.


The same fabrics are available in curtains.

If you have sliding glass doors or double patio doors in your breakfast nook, consider a relaxed Roman valance for the kitchen sink window and a pair of curtains for the breakfast area. Why? Because we offer the same fabrics that you can coordinate for both valances and curtains. Shop coordinating curtain panels.


The Monroe in Snowy fabric again, this time in a pinch-pleat curtain drapery.



Relaxed Roman valances are budget-friendly stationary valances that fit as an outside-mounts on most kitchen sink windows. They require little room for hardware and are available in extra long lengths. And they can be coordinated with our curtain panels too.

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