Like our work but want to use your own fabrics?

Many of our clients send in their own fabrics, trims, and many other special pieces to make their window treatment truly their own. We simply ask that you follow the guidelines outlined on this page. This will make our work as effective as possible and ensure that you’re satisfied with the end result.

We also recommend that you plan ahead, especially if you need a project completed in time for the holidays. We recommend getting your project started at least 8 to 10 weeks before you want the final custom product delivered.

Step 1

We are able to recreate styles that you already see on our website only. Pick your favorite, then follow the measuring instructions and make sure that it’s possible in the size that you need. Please note that we can only recreate what you see on our website. We currently are not accepting orders for other styles or patterns.

Step 2

Decide which of the components you’d like to provide.  Most of our customers buy their own fabrics (and trims if desired). We then provide the lining and labor.

Step 3

Contact us for pricing, scheduling availability, and material pre-approval.


Fabric Pre-Approval Requirements

  • Fabrics must be 54″ wide home decor fabrics in one continuous piece (55 to 58″ wide fabrics are acceptable also).
  • Do not provide pieces of fabrics or fabrics that are not at least 54″ wide. We also do not accept old home decor items that must be deconstructed (i.e. draperies, bedsheets, etc.).
  • Make sure the fabric is not wrinkled and check for spots and printing errors prior to sending the fabric to us. We accept folded fabric shipped inside a box only up to 2 yards. Any fabrics over 2 yards must be shipped on a roll to us, or we will assess a $8 per yard ironing and processing fee.
  • Stay away from heavy upholstery fabrics and sheers.
  • You’ll need medium-weight fabrics. If in doubt, find the home decor section on one a popular fabric website and look for fabrics that have these features:
    • Fabrics that are made of 100% cotton and 54″ wide. Stay away from heavy cottons, though, such as duck cottons that are 13 oz. or heavier, for example.
    • Linen and cotton or rayon blends are great as well. Look for high percentage counts of cotton/rayon as linen can be without structure sometimes if another fabric like cotton isn’t blended into it.
    • Rayon or viscose blend home decor fabrics work well also. Typically, rayon or viscose is 45% of the fabric with the rest being cotton or polyester.
    • 100% silks must always be interlined and you’ll have to select this option for all our orders if you provide real silk. To save some money, we recommend 100% polyester faux silks instead. You can choose faux silks with slubs just like real dupioni silk at a fraction of the cost.
    • Pay attention to the vertical repeats of a fabric. If there’s a prominent pattern printed on the fabric and it has a large repeat, you’ll need a lot more yardage. By large, we typically mean a 25 to 27 inch repeat, or even a 36 inch repeat.
  • Once you’ve pinned down a few fabrics that you like, please contact us and ask us how much yardage you’ll need. We’d rather have more fabrics and send the excess back to you than find out we were short on fabric later on in the process.

Step 4

We’ll need to preapprove your fabrics (and trims if also selected). If you know the manufacturer and name of the fabric, then it’s as simple as contacting us with a link to the webpage where the fabric can be purchased.

If we’re familiar with the fabric, we can preapprove the fabric just from the online picture alone.

If you don’t have this information, you’ll need to mail us a small fabric swatch first. Most fabrics will fall under this category (needing pre-approval by shipping a swatch first).

Step 5

After we have preapproved your fabric, you’ll shortly receive instructions from us to ship the supplies to our workroom.

Most online stores allow you to ship directly to a workroom to save on time and shipping costs as well. We will inspect the fabric on your behalf and notify you of any errors before we cut anything.

You’ll also need to sign the required waiver as our workroom is not liable for any printing errors or manufacturing errors on your provided materials or any packages lost in the mail.