Because our products are custom made for each consumer and require personalized attention and professional work, our sales are final. However, we also understand that shopping online can be a difficult task, despite the savings and detailed measuring instructions and guidelines that we offer. We understand that custom window treatments are an important investment in your home, one that you and your family, as well as your guests, will enjoy. You should not bear the burden of having to live with a poorly constructed custom window treatment if it wasn’t your fault.

We understand that most people are not interior designers. We understand that most people have never measured their windows before or studied the construction of a custom window treatment in detail. Most of our consumers are mothers, fathers, couples, newlyweds and new and long-time homeowners alike – people who wish to move up from mediocre store-bought products, people who were inspired by a magazine picture or a recent visit to their friend’s home. You should not have to worry about little details that we should worry about, such as whether the fabric is right, whether large prints will fit onto a small shade, whether a particular trim will compromise the shape of a valance and all those many stressful details that come with the trade.

You may not realize it, but a major part of the process is the actual design. Picking the right fabrics and trimmings for a particular window treatment style can be overwhelming to someone who does not know how to do it. We at Priority Windows take a personal approach when it comes to offering each and every one of our products. We view our fabric and trim selection and decide on which fabrics and trims will work for each product without compromising its look, shape, form, or design. When you make your selections for each product, you’re not only selecting from a list of fabrics and trims, you are selecting from a list of fabrics and trims that have been pre-approved by professional fabricators and designers who have many years of experience in the trade. We are very proud of our satisfied customers who have repeatedly shopped with us and yet not received a complaint about a fabric and trim that proved to be a detrimental choice for one of our custom products.

We understand that shopping online is more convenient and saves time, but a trade-off that persists is that computer monitors display colors differently. A finished product in your room may look slightly different from our online fabric and trimming photographs even though we have done our best to show you photographs of our fabrics and trims in as much detail as possible. For that reason, we offer fabric samples. Buying fabric samples before buying a custom product is an insurance policy that is well worth it.

To help you choose and design the best product possible, our website offers measuring guidelines and guides that cover many topics of the trade. We suggest that you read and follow those guides and guidelines.

While our professionals have many years of experience in the trade, they are humans who occasionally make mistakes. Should there be any errors with our products that are due to our fault, we guarantee to issue a full refund, including the shipping price.So try us yourself and get in on the fun of designing your own product. See why others have been so satisfied with our products and experience the difference a well-made custom product makes. We guarantee it.


Our Guarantee

 If your custom product is delivered to you in a faulty condition because of a mistake that our fabricators have made and you notify us within 10 days, we guarantee to make it right by either fixing the faulty custom product or issuing a full refund. Shipping’s on us.


Our Return Policy

Because all our products are custom made for each individual consumer, our sales are final. If you do notice a flaw in a product, you must contact us within 10 days of delivery in a written email, explaining the fault. Once a potential fault has been communicated, we will send return labels for the products to be shipped back. Do not mail your product without a return label or approval first as it will not be accepted.

We at Priority Window Valances  reserve the right to investigate and determine how a fault or defect occurred and reserve the decision to approve or deny a refund based on the results of the investigation. If we find that the custom product was an error in our workmanship, we will do our best to fix the product or to issue a full refund, including shipping.

We do not accept products because a consumer has measured incorrectly, the colors do not match, the consumer does not need or has changed their mind about a product, or any other reason that does not show Priority Window Valances at fault. Products showing signs of wear-and-tear, stains, or products with no obvious flaws will be denied and a $40 restocking fee will be assessed.


Cancellation Policy

Once an order is placed, our workroom begins to work on it almost immediately. For that reason, we encourage you to notify us within 12 hours of your purchase via email to cancel an order. If your order has entered production, we are unable to accept cancellations.


Need to contact us in writing?

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Did You Know?

All our products have detailed measuring instructions to help you buy the right size.

Check Out Our Popular Measuring Guides