Faux Roman shade valances are budget-friendly, yet give your home a modern look that’s made for designer magazines.

But most people aren’t interior designers, let alone window treatment pros. So how exactly do you achieve that expensive look on a budget?

One of the main aesthetics about this style are the folds. Add too many and it looks over-the-top and excessive. Add too few and it looks like a flat, boring panel on your window. Striking the balance is key.

So, how many folds should a flat faux Roman shade have? We find that it’s best if the top 70% – 80% of your faux shade is flat, with the bottom adorned by largely spaced out folds. In our workroom, the rule is:  short faux shades have 2 folds, medium-length faux shades have 3 folds, and long faux shades have 4 folds. Faux shades with 5 folds are rare and are best left for faux shade lengths over 60 inches.


Examples of Faux Roman Shade Valances

Short Length – 2 Folds

Any flat faux shade you order from us that is 11, 12, or 13 inches long will have 2 folds.

It’s difficult to create a faux Roman shade on short valances.

The style requires plenty of fabric and deep folds, yet there’s so little room to fit all of it on a short valance. Oftentimes, large fabric patterns are 13 to 27″ across, so the large beautiful pattern can easily get cut off on a short valance.

For that reason, our short valances come with 2 folds. Not only does this help fit more of a large fabric pattern on a short valance, but it also helps you follow the rule of proportion on narrower windows.

As an example, the valance below is 33″ wide by 12″ long.



The one below is 47″ wide by 12″ long.



Medium Length – 3 Folds

Any flat faux shade you order from us that is 14 to 43 inches long will have 3 folds.


Example 1:

This deep blue and aqua floral medallion faux shade measures at 26″ wide by 15″ long and has 3 folds. Medallion patterns like this are typically 9″ to 13″ across, so it works well on a 15″ length valance. Find it here.



Example 2:

Proportion also plays a role and must be taken into consideration regardless of the valance style.

The medallion valance below is twice as wide as the valance above, yet is also 15″ long. So, at 52″ wide by 15″ long, the folds give the illusion of looking shorter on a wider valance even though they’re the same.



Example 3:

This Jacobean floral and faux shade measures at 37″ wide by 21″ long and has 3 folds. Plenty of length here to display the large floral and vine patterns. Find it here.



Long Length – 4 Folds

Any flat faux shade you order from us that is 44 inches long or more will have 4 folds.

All our valances 44″ long and longer come with 4 folds. They require an additional 20″ to 32″ of fabric just for one extra fold – and it shows.

These valances are much heavier, and thanks to this extra fold, don’t look like a flat, extra long rectangle that happens to have a few barely visible folds at the bottom.

Again, it’s all about proportion.

The longer the valance, the more folds it needs for that custom look.


Example 1:


Example 2:

The example below is 38″ wide by 44″ long.



Want more faux shade examples and ideas? Check out all our flat faux shade valances.

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