Let’s face it – it’s easy to buy a faux shade you’re dissatisfied with. So, to help you make a more informed purchasing decision, we’d like to share how our semi-custom faux shades are constructed in this post.

All our faux shades are lined. At a minimum, we offer white cotton lining as a standard feature with our heavy basketweave linens. All our other medium—weight fabrics come with thermal suede lining as a standard, which you may know as dimout lining.

You can upgrade to blackout lining as well. We take great care to give you an interlined rod pocket so the needle holes through the blackout lining don’t let light through.

We do not offer unlined faux shades just for the sake of offering a lower price point. Chances are, you’ll be dissatisfied with absolutely no lining.

Second, our faux shades are made with rod pockets for your convenience. Hang using a spring tension rod as an inside-mounted faux shade, or just use a decorative curtain rod if the faux shade is an outside mount. Easy to install and no extra cost for you to ship a bulky box.

A 3-inch rod pocket is standard, but you can also downgrade to a 2-inch rod pocket if you wish.

What’s behind a faux shade is more revealing of its quality than its front.

We take great care to explain this to our customers. Here are a few features that you want to be looking for:

Reinforced double side hems.

Just like a real Roman shade, a faux shade needs to have sharp side hems with enough bulk to allow the folds to stack up.

Since faux shades are also commonly ordered in precise width measurements (a quarter of an inch if you’re buying from us on our website), the fabric on the sides cannot be flimsy or move about freely. By adding double side hems, we ensure the precision in width that you’re looking for.

These double side hems also create some stiff bulk, which allows the folds to stack up nicely, giving you the drastic stacking effect when the faux shade is viewed from the side.

Wide and/or double bottom hem.

Faux shades and functional Roman shades can get a lot of sunlight coming through them, especially when lightweight fabrics are chosen along with an inside mount.

While the majority of our customers prefer thermal suede lining (which blocks light more than inexpensive cotton linings, but is not heavy blackout), we still make sure to give them a wide double bottom hem. That way, as the light is filtered through the faux shade, it’s still mostly blocked at the bottom without any strange horizontal lines of sunshine coming through.

Discreetly sewn folds.

Our folds are sewn with white thread, matching your white lining. And don’t worry, our top fold has no visible thread, giving you a smooth, stitch-free faux shade from the front (other than the required color-matched rod pocket thread).


In short, a faux shade is a stationary rod pocket valance that’s made to look like a Roman shade. It’s hung as an inside mount or outside mount. But just because it’s a faux shade doesn’t mean that it should be less of a quality. Look for faux shades with double side hems, a wide or double bottom hem, and is fully sewn with thread (instead of being metal-stapled) in the back.

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