If you have rows upon rows of multiple windows in your room, you may need some inspiration to help you dress them. How close those windows are is different for everyone, so I’ll break up the post into categories to best help you. But first, we’ll need to cover some basics first.


Where Should the Window Treatment Be Hung?

Your window treatment can be either an outside mount or inside mount. The window treatment is hung on the wall above the window if it’s an outside mount, or in between the window studs if it’s an inside mount. Some window treatments can be hung directly on the wooden trim around the window (frame mount).

Inside Mount and Outside Mount Window Treatment Keep these two possibilities in mind as I go on with the examples below…


If the Windows Are Immediately Next to Each Other

Here, we’re talking about multiple single window sections that are stacked immediately next to each other to create one wide window. Many people refer to those as double as triple windows. There is no set “standard” width here, but those windows typically about 72 or 108 inches, excluding the wooden frame. You can treat these windows as a single window and dress them accordingly, or separate them out.


Treating the Window as One

These windows are dressed as outside mounts or frame mounts.


A gathered balloon valance here was mounted directly on the frame of the window.


A gap of an inch or two is just fine to dress two adjacent windows with a single extra-wide valance. This is the arched trumpet valance.


In fact, arched sections are a great way to break up a large wall of windows and to add shape to them.


Treating the Window as Separate Sections

Each window section gets its own window treatment here. Most people are used to blinds here, but soft window treatments can make your window look even more unique. Consider a fabric Roman shade that draws up or down for privacy and light control or a stationary faux shade valance. These window treatments can either be mounted on wood board, or on a tension rod if they have rod pockets.


Three silk balloon shades over a triple window section over a kitchen sink, inside-mounted. The beauty of separating shades out is that you get to draw up each individually as desired.


A London faux shade on a kitchen window.


You can’t go wrong with inside-mounted Roman shades.


Also consider inside-mounted faux Roman shades – a modern look at an affordable price.


As long as there’s symmetry, you can get as creative on how you’d like to separate out each window section. Here, the valance in the center spans 3 window sections. Check out more toile valance ideas if you like this fabric.


Relaxed Roman Shade Kitchen in Ivory Stripe

Here’s the relaxed Roman style again, in a light beige fabric.


If the Windows are 3 to 6 Inches Apart

If the gap is more visible between your windows, you can still use the ideas from above. You also have more freedom now to add a bit more volume to your window treatments, This is where the projection can get slightly larger and the window treatments start having some room to start protruding away from the wall. Don’t be afraid to let your window treatment project 2 to 3 inches away from the wall if you have room for it.


Blue Custom Valance Extra Long

Two London shades on two adjacent windows.


If you have 3 to 6 inches between your windows, you’ll now even have enough room to hang London shades or valances as outside mounts. You may need to use special hardware for the curtain poles like rod connectors or endcap finials.


You can still treat the window with a single window treatment, but be mindful that the wider the gap between the windows, the more unusual it may look.


If the Windows are 7 to 12 Inches Apart

You’ll definitely have to treat each window separately once the gap gets this wide. Most window treatments here should work just fine as outside mounts, inside mounts, or frame mounts.


Faux London shades in a sunroom.


This is also when you’ll be able to start introducing elaborate valances. The window gap is not wide enough for draperies yet in most cases unless you’re going with a sheer or semi-sheer fabric.


You’ll easily be able to hang multiple simple ring-top valances like the valance above side-by-side with a gap as little as 8 inches or so. Board-mounted window treatments with heavy fabric pieces will require more space.


If the Windows are 13 Inches Apart or More

If the gap is 13 inches or wider, there is virtually no window treatment that won’t work. This is when you can start introducing draperies. Just make sure that the draperies are not covering the window and blocking the view. A drapery should frame the window, not overwhelm it. This is achieved by measuring properly and making sure the drapery has enough fullness.


How draperies should be hung.


Here’s how that concept looks when put into practice on windows that are next to each other.


Yellow Pinch Pleat Drapery in Living Room

Notice how the 50-inch wide drapes are covering more of the wall than the window and hung high. This brings natural light in, makes the room look bigger and brighter, and creates the illusion of a high ceiling.


Bay Windows, Corner Windows, and All Other Windows at an Angle

When multiple windows are found together, they’re often found as part of bay windows or some other configuration of windows that’s usually at an angle. The rules here are the same, but be careful that the window treatments don’t project too far away from the wall. If you’re really in doubt, go with inside-mounted treatments, or outside-mounted treatments that are flat and use less fabric.

Also, consider about the hardware you’ll use to hang the window treatment. Any window treatment can be hung on any window, as long as you know how to hang it. Yes, any! Drapery poles can be connected with elbow connectors.

If you can’t find the right fit, then hang the window treatment on knobs or drapery medallions. A custom board-mount is also an excellent way to make two window treatments look like one single treatment in a corner. I’ll leave you with some picture ideas.

Remember, the rules from above apply to these windows, too, with some minor adjustments.





Orange Window Treatment Bedroom


Cuff Top Drapery


Spa Blue Valance in Bathroom


Red Stripe Bay Window Kitchen Sink Valance









Next, read about the different styles of soft window treatments that are possible in your home.

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