Can I use my existing rod?

It depends - you may or may not. As long as your rod is mounted exactly as the measuring instructions and measuring guides state, you will be able to keep it. If not, you may have to reinstall it to meet the measuring instructions, or buy another...

How do I track my order?

If your order has shipped, you will be able to track it via your emailed tracking number or by going to your My Account page. If your order hasn't entered production yet, it will say "Processing" under order status until it's scheduled to begin...

Where are you located?

We are a privately owned sewing workroom located in Atlanta, GA.

Can you make other things like pillows, cushions, or bedding?

At the moment we do not offer any products other than the ones you already see on our website. Please buy fabrics by the yard to have those items make locally if you need to get extra items to coordinate.

Can you add my trim to one of your valances?

At the moment we do not allow extra customizations beyond what we already offer.

Why do you require 3 inches of wall space for your faux shades?

It's necessary to be able to install your decorative rod and finials. You'll have to look at alternative options if you don't have the 3 inches of free wall space, as explained in the measuring guide.

Can I give you my window measurements and then you decide what size I need?

We cannot do that because everyone's window is different. Please follow our measuring guides and use the calculators whenever available to find what installation type and size is best for your own unique situation.

Do my side flaps need to be the same size as the rod pocket?

No, they're completely unrelated. In fact, we recommend NOT getting a 2-inch rod pocket, even if you choose 2-inch side flaps. Side flaps are how far away your valance is from the wall, whereas a rod pocket tells you what kind of rod thickness...

What is a lockseam rod?

A lockseam rod is a lightweight metal rod that wraps around the sides of the window. We usually recommend it when getting standard-sized faux shade valances with side flaps, or other valance styles that have to wrap around towards the window on...

How do I choose tassel fringe?

Tassel fringe should be proportional to the valance length. Shorter tassel fringes can go on any valance length, but short valances should have shorter (2-1/2 inches and less) tassel fringe only. In other words, don't get a long 4-inch tassel...

Should my faux shade be the same length as my window?

Probably not because then your window will always be fully covered by fabric. Most of our customers allow their faux shades to cover the top part of their window only. Please read the measuring guides to help you specify your desired length in...

The product I want only has lining options. Can you make it unlined without any lining?

Sorry, no. If lining is an option or listed as a feature, then it's part of the product.

Can you change the number of folds on my faux shades?

The number of folds is already pre-determined depending on the length you choose. Please read this post to find out how many folds each faux shade has.

Can you change the number of swags on my valance?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Your valance will have the number of swags explained on the product page, and this is based on the width you choose.

Why do some of your shaped valances only go up to 52 inches wide? Can you make them wider?

Unfortunately, we cannot because that's how wide the manufacturer makes the fabric. A 52-inch wide shaped valance will fit a window that's 38 to 42 inches wide. See this post for the full measuring instructions for shaped valances.

Why do some of your faux shades only go up to 52 inches wide? Can you make them wider?

Unfortunately, we cannot because that's how wide the manufacturer makes the fabric. We recommend looking through our wide selection of faux shades here since we have plenty of options in fabrics there too.

Will my wide valance be too heavy for my rod?

Only if you don't follow our provided hardware instructions, then your rod will cave in the middle. Choose a sturdy, good quality rod that doesn't telescope out too far, use center brackets and drywall anchors, and most valances will do fine....

Where do I go to see your full fabric selection for your window treatments?

Your best solution is to look through our samples here, and then find the corresponding window treatment offered in the fabric before purchasing samples.

I received my fabric sample but now forgot where the product I wanted is. How do I find it?

Simply type the name of the fabric on your purchase order in the search bar, minus the color. For example, if you ordered Aaron in Italian Denim, all you have to do is type Aaron in the search bar, etc. You can also shop by collection here.for...

How do I buy lining samples?

Click here to buy lining samples. Make sure to first check the product page for what lining it's made in since not all products can be made with all linings.

Can you help me pick out samples for my room?

Unfortunately we simply don't have the capacity to offer personalized design services for everyone. Please look through our samples here, or hire a local decorator if you still need help.

Do I need to add the extra width to my valance when adding side flaps?

No. You measure the valance as usual, following the measuring instructions and calculations provided. Side flaps are another feature and have nothing to do with the width of the valance.

What are dowel rods?

Dowel rods are round wooden rods used for home improvement or crafting projects. We recommend them on some of our products to help create fullness and shape. They're optional on our flat faux shades and may be required on some of our relaxed...

What's the difference between a return and projection?

A projection is how far away from a wall a curtain rod is, and a return is how far away a window treatment that wraps around the sides is from a wall. If you're buying a valance with a return, its return must be the same as the projection of your...

Can I return my product if I don't like the fabric color?

We're sorry, but our sales are final. Please purchase samples prior to ordering.

Can I cancel my order?

We allow cancelations within the first 24 hours of placing your order. To do so, you must create a ticket and request it in writing by clicking here. After 24 hours have passed and if we have already ordered your fabrics from the supplier or if...

What color grosgrain ribbon should I select?

If in doubt, please purchase both fabric and ribbon trim samples by going to this page.

Will a thermal suede lining block the sunlight?

No, thermal suede linings are light-filtering linings. Only blackout lining can block sunlight.

Will a sateen cotton lining block the sunlight?

No, sateen cotton linings are light-filtering linings. Only blackout lining can block sunlight.

Can I machine wash your curtains?

No, custom quality curtains are dry clean only. The rules are just like getting a casual t-shirt versus a tailor-made custom suit. This applies to all our curtains, faux shades, balloon valances, and any other of our valance styles.

Can you use my old curtain or bedsheet to make curtains?

We're sorry, but we don't create products from existing items. If we accept an order to be made from your own fabric (COM, or customer's own materials), we expect to receive new 54" wide home decor fabric. It must arrive on a roll and cannot be...

If I come across a fabric that has both pattern I and pattern II available, do I need to buy samples for both?

It’s the same fabric, so one sample is enough. The difference is how the pattern is turned (as pictured). So for flat faux shade valances as an example, pattern I valances are available from 18″ to 52″ wide, while pattern II valances in the...

Will the fabric always be in stock?

For fabrics by the yard and all other window treatments, fabric is usually in stock at the time of most orders as our inventory updates regularly. However, fabrics are first come, first serve. Just like with any other product, fabric and trim...

I found a product I like with trim. How do I know which trim sample to buy?

For products made with trim, the trim product code is written in the lower right of the picture. Trim samples, including fringe trims and grosgrain ribbon, can be found by going to this page.

Can I just buy any sample I want?

We don’t recommend it because then you won’t know if it comes in your needed product style or size. It’s best to first locate the product you want, then follow the measuring instructions to make sure it comes in the size you need, and only...

Do you have any discounts?

Our sales change daily, depending on how booked our workroom is at any given moment. For current sales available, click here.

Do you have any sales?

Our sales change daily, depending on how booked our workroom is at any given moment. For current sales available, click here.

How do I measure?

Measuring instructions are on all of our product pages. You can also read the measuring instructions to our most popular products here.

Can you make my valance wider than what's on the product page?

We're sorry, but our products are already offered in sizes as wide as possible.

Do you make valances for special windows like bay windows, bow windows, arched windows, corner windows, etc.?

If a valance is able to fit a special window, it will be explained in the measuring instructions or the provided measuring guides.

Can I put two valances side-by-side (where they touch)?

Only if we state it's possible in the measuring guides or measuring instructions. For example, we explain that putting two faux shades together could work, but we advise against it on our relaxed Romans.

Can you make my board-mounted valance wider than what's on the product page?

We're sorry, but our board-mounted valances come up to 54" wide only. Some come even smaller than that depending on the style.

What hardware do I need?

It depends on the product. See product page for hardware instructions.

Can you turn my faux shade into a board-mount instead of a rod pocket?

See this product for a board mount. For all other flat faux shades, we offer the Velcro® option as an upgrade. You'll need to provide your own board once you receive the valance as we only provide the Velcro®.

What if I can't find a curtain rod that's wide enough?

You'll have to try to mix and match several adjustable rod pieces together and use a center support bracket in the center of your window treatment. This may mean having to buy several sets from the same manufacturer and style until you find...

Will I need a continental rod?

It depends on the product. If your valance is a rod mount and has a large return, you will most likely need a continental rod. See product page for hardware instructions.

Are rod pockets measured separately?

No, rod pockets are already part of the length. For example, if you order a 20-inch long valance, you'll receive a 20-inch long valance regardless of the size of the rod pocket.

What rod pocket will I need if I choose a continental rod?

2-1/2-inch continental rods require a rod pocket of 3-1/2 inches or larger.

What size is fabric by the yard?

Each yard is a 54-inch wide by 36-inch long piece. So 2 yards would be a 54-inch wide by 72-inch long piece, etc.

Is your fabric yardage in one piece?

Yes, any order up to 30 yards is in one continuous piece. If not, we'll reach out to you first before shipping the order.

What size are your fabric samples?

Solids and small pattern fabrics are the size of a dollar bill. Fabrics with large patterns are much larger than that.

How do I know what lining sample to buy?

Lining options are stated on each product page and you'll have to only buy the lining sample that's offered on the product page. For example, our flat faux shades can be made in thermal suede or blackout lining, whereas other styles like our...

Can you help me pick out fabric and trim and help me coordinate with my paint color?

We do not offer personalized design services. Please start out by buying samples or hire a local decorator to help you pick out the best options.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping varies depending on how busy our workroom is. Our current shipping estimates are as follows: Current Shipping Estimates by Department      ❱    Custom Department: 5-6...

How long is your production time?

It varies depending on how busy our workroom is. Our current shipping estimates are as follows: Current Shipping Estimates by Department      ❱    Custom Department: 5-6 weeks     ❱...

Can you rush my order?

We're sorry, but we cannot. Our workroom is constantly booked and we sew in the order of requests received to be fair to all customers. Plan ahead, especially one to three months before the holiday season as this is when we are the busiest.

Do you offer orders where I provide my own fabrics (COM - customer's own materials)?

We occasionally take on COM orders when we are not in our busy season and have open slots. See this page for the current COM status and guidelines.

Can you make functional Roman shades?

If you prefer a functional shade that can be raised and lowered instead of a fixed faux shade valance with a rod pocket, you can find them here.

When will my samples ship?

Shipping varies depending on how busy our workroom is. Our current shipping estimates are as follows: Current Shipping Estimates by Department      ❱    Custom Department: 5-6...

I have a thick wooden frame above my window. What window treatment should I buy for it?

A common customer choice is an inside-mounted window treatment (like our flat faux shade valances found here). That way, you'll have a window treatment but still aren't covering the wooden frame over your window. But if you would like to cover...

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