Hardware and Installation

Do my side flaps need to be the same size as the rod pocket?

No, they're completely unrelated. In fact, we recommend NOT getting a 2-inch rod pocket, even if you choose 2-inch side flaps. Side flaps are how far away your valance is from the wall, whereas a rod pocket tells you what kind of rod thickness...

What's the difference between a return and projection?

A projection is how far away from a wall a curtain rod is, and a return is how far away a window treatment that wraps around the sides is from a wall. If you're buying a valance with a return, its return must be the same as the projection of your...

Will I need a continental rod?

It depends on the product. If your valance is a rod mount and has a large return, you will most likely need a continental rod. See product page for hardware instructions.

Can I use my existing rod?

It depends - you may or may not. As long as your rod is mounted exactly as the measuring instructions and measuring guides state, you will be able to keep it. If not, you may have to reinstall it to meet the measuring instructions, or buy another...

Can I put two valances side-by-side (where they touch)?

Only if we state it's possible in the measuring guides or measuring instructions. For example, we explain that putting two faux shades together could work, but we advise against it on our relaxed Romans.

What hardware do I need?

It depends on the product. See product page for hardware instructions.

What if I can't find a curtain rod that's wide enough?

You'll have to try to mix and match several adjustable rod pieces together and use a center support bracket in the center of your window treatment. This may mean having to buy several sets from the same manufacturer and style until you find...

What rod pocket will I need if I choose a continental rod?

2-1/2-inch continental rods require a rod pocket of 3-1/2 inches or larger.

What is a lockseam rod?

A lockseam rod is a lightweight metal rod that wraps around the sides of the window. We usually recommend it when getting standard-sized faux shade valances with side flaps, or other valance styles that have to wrap around towards the window on...

Will my wide valance be too heavy for my rod?

Only if you don't follow our provided hardware instructions, then your rod will cave in the middle. Choose a sturdy, good quality rod that doesn't telescope out too far, use center brackets and drywall anchors, and most valances will do fine....

What are dowel rods?

Dowel rods are round wooden rods used for home improvement or crafting projects. We recommend them on some of our products to help create fullness and shape. They're optional on our flat faux shades and may be required on some of our relaxed...

I have a thick wooden frame above my window. What window treatment should I buy for it?

A common customer choice is an inside-mounted window treatment (like our flat faux shade valances found here). That way, you'll have a window treatment but still aren't covering the wooden frame over your window. But if you would like to cover...

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