Red and yellow is a common color combination seen in custom valances. The contrast between these two colors creates a rich depth that’s seen in luxurious rooms, especially when a deep burgundy and lustrous gold are chosen. So, how exactly do red and yellow custom valances look in these amazing homes? Let’s take a look…


Red and Gold Damask

As mentioned, a burgundy red and gold can combine to create a very luxurious window treatment, indeed. This color combination is often interpreted through a damask pattern in a traditional setting.


Burgundy and Yellow Living Room Curtains This traditional living room combined a damask pattern for both the window treatment and upholstered armchairs. The window valance here was custom-made to fit an otherwise plain window. The window was made to appear wider by deliberately creating a wide valance that was mounted on a board.

The valance is unique with its arched shape and box pleats. Its beautiful burgundy and gold fabric was complemented by extra wide draperies that were created using a dark gold silk fabric.


Bay Window Luxury Window Treatment Red For this curved wall with its four windows, it’s hard to imagine a window treatment. But once a custom-fitted curtain pole was created, it was easy to create a custom window treatment. Here, we see double wide draperies that generously puddle on the floor. Each drapery was finished with long bullion fringe in gold on its leading edge. A box pleat valance was also added in between, using the same damask fabric and bullion fringe.


Criss Cross Swag Valance A swag valance is also another great application for a rich damask fabric. This somewhat colorful damask unique features maroon, amber, gray and pink. It was created as a board-mounted valance with crisscrossing swags and long jabots. Although this valance doesn’t have the proper return that a board-mounted valance needs to have, it doesn’t seem to pose a problem because it’s tucked behind a wide crown molding.

The valance was installed in a unique way by hiding it behind a wooden pelmet that’s in line with the white crown molding in the room. Notice also how the damask didn’t stop at the window treatment. A chocolate brown and gold damask pattern was also chosen for the wallpaper in the room.


Country Toiles and Checks in Red and Yellow

I love toile fabrics. They’re the window treatment equivalent of great artwork, in my humble opinion. That’s because toile fabrics tell a story. Some of these designs are even printed on canvas cotton, yet need no frame. Red and Yellow Toile Fabric 19th-century French country toile print. Notice the beautiful maize background and the maroon print. Now that you clearly know my bias for toile fabrics and toile valances, let’s take a look at how this looks on a window.


Red and Yellow Toile Valance in Kitchen The two windows in this eat-in kitchen needed a way to continue the country theme of the kitchen. So, toile and gingham checks were used to create a whimsical valance with casual swags and mini jabots. Oversized rosettes were created using the gingham check fabric and added to the top of each of the trumpets on the valances.


Box Pleat Custom Balloon Valance Harvest and farm themes are very common when it comes to toile fabrics. In this fabric, we see a rooster and hen design inside a medallion print. The rest of the fabric is floral in nature, but still has some unique elements that continue the farm theme, like sickles and rolls of hay. The fabric was used on a custom balloon valance that was installed on a dining room window with its rod pocket.

A red upholstery weight fabric was used as an accent fabric for the inverted box pleats between each of the poufs. Check out more pictures of this balloon valance.


Board-Mounted Valance in Red In case you liked the box pleats you see in the balloon valance above, here is another example. In this board-mounted custom valance, the medallion print of the toile fabric was centered on each flat swag. Pleated jabots were added to frame the window. But what really stood out in this window treatment was the long tassel fringe with its pointed acrylic beads.


Checks don’t always have to be complementary fabrics only. In this breakfast area, a check fabric was used to dress two windows and a patio door. Each valance was interlined to create more depth and volume. The harvest-themed color palette included warm hues of red, orange and yellow. The colors of the fabric were ideal here.

The fabric created a pop of color, while still being complementary to the light yellow walls.


Custom Faux Shade Valance The patio door remained functional by installing the red and yellow valance high up on the wall. The bottom hem of the valance stops right at the trim around the door, allowing the door to be opened freely. The style of valance is our hobbled faux shade, by the way.


Modern Interpretations of Red and Yellow Valances

On the side of the design spectrum, red and yellow can be used to perpetuate a modern look on a window. This is usually achieved by selecting solids, stripes, or geometric prints.


Red Center Pleat Custom Valance It’s very popular nowadays to combine draperies and simple valances or shades on neighboring windows to create a modern room. In this example, a wide window was dressed using rod pocket draperies. The narrow window in the room, however, was dressed with a faux shade that has a center pleat. A faux shade is a stationary valance that’s made to look like a shade but doesn’t move up or down.

It’s a budget-friendly alternative to complex (and expensive) Roman shades. The use of fabric was also unusual here. It’s clear that the solid red was the main fabric. However, a touch of yellow was introduced by sewing a few yellow stripes into the draperies and adding a thick band to the bottom of the valance.


Red Stripe Bay Window Kitchen Sink ValanceI’ve shown you the box pleated balloon valance already. Here, the same custom valance style was created using a fabric with red, yellow, and white stripes. The window treatment was custom-tailored for a bay window above a kitchen sink.


Red Tribal Kitchen Valance over Sink Box pleats don’t belong on balloon valances only, and the next two styles of valances serve to prove this point. This valance above a kitchen sink keeps it simple. A tribal ikat print was used for this cozy kitchen. The valance was kept mostly flat, with a few box pleats that were added throughout. By the way, box pleats are commonly added to board-mounted valances like these.


Striped Box Pleat Valance Kitchen Box pleats can be an additional feature on rod pocket valance as well, although their depth will be diminished. We see another example of striped fabric in red, yellow and white used again.

Although in this case, the fabric wasn’t used for a balloon valance. Instead, it was used to create a rod pocket valance with box pleats. Here we see the valance over a kitchen sink.


Striped Box Pleat Valance Kitchen The valance was recreated again on two valances in the dining area of the open space.


Red and Yellow Custom Valance with Woven Shade The best way to modernize a valance is to find a way to use less fabric. By creating flat swags and minimizing its jabots, this custom valance was kept simple. A small-scale woven diamond fabric in red was complemented by a solid yellow to complete the style. The valance was installed with its tabs at the top to expose the rich wooden drapery pole. All it needed was a simple woven shade for privacy.


Arched Custom Valance in Burgundy and Maize Yellow By combining geometric woven and solid yellow fabrics, another modern valance was created. Since the fabrics were so simple, the valance could afford a 4-inch tassel fringe in gold without being overbearing. See more examples of this arched trumpet valance style.


Medallion Swag Custom Valance on Knobs The flat swags on this custom valance were a great opportunity to feature a tropical fabric print. The valance was installed by using simple wooden knobs that were spray-painted in a bold red.


Traditional Florals

Floral prints are a common choice in traditional rooms, so let’s take a look at some examples.


Wood Cornice Over Kitchen Valance This kitchen needed very little to spruce it up. Its custom cabinetry was a focal point by itself, but it still needed to be softened up a bit. The wooden cornice above the kitchen sink by itself might be a bit heavy and uninviting. But by adding a simple gathered valance in a red and yellow floral fabric underneath, a subtle feminine touch was added to the kitchen.


Traditional Cornice on Corner Kitchen Sink This corner window above a kitchen sink needed to exude the warmth that the rest of the kitchen did. So, a woven polyester fabric with an intricate floral design in a wine red and subtle yellow was used. The fabric also gave off a high sheen under the recessed lighting of the kitchen. The valance was board-mounted and custom-tailored to fit the unique angle of the two windows.


Custom Tab Top Valance with Extra Long Tassel Fringe I am a big fan of Jacobean florals. Neither too abstract nor too realistic, these patterns are hard to clump into any particular style. What makes these florals unique is the infusion of scrolls and paisleys. If you love florals and want to stay traditional without appearing too old-fashioned, then a Jacobean print might be a good choice for you.

In this valance, a deep red floral fabric was used for the flat swags, while a solid yellow was used for the center trumpet and side jabots. A 4-inch extra long tassel fringe in a vibrant yellow was added to draw the eye to the unique shape of the valance.


Jacobean Floral Custom Valance Another similar interpretation of this custom valance and fabrics.


Custom Valance with Ties Florals can also be incorporated into designs that have a geometric design element. They typically become part of repeating patterns or medallions. In this example, a red, green and yellow fabric was used to create a simple valance with ties. A leaf patterned fabric in a warm yellow was used for the bottom band and the ties at the top.


Custom Pinch Pleat Valance on Small Window Here’s the same fabric, interpreted differently. This time, it was used to create a valance with pinch pleats. The valance was installed using 2-inch drapery rings.


Arched Valance with Double Layers and Fringe This fabric is prime example of how a Jacobean floral looks. It was used to create a simple arched valance that was installed with its rod pocket. The bottom layer of the valance used a dark gold fabric with leaf scrolls. Large tassel fringe with alternating tassels in red and gold was used to add interest to the arched shape of the valance.


Lustruous Plays with Faux Silk and Satin Finishes – the Ultimate in Custom Valances

Fabrics with a subtle sheen add depth and luxury to a window treatment. The sheen typically comes from the polyester base of woven fabrics, satin finishes on cottons, or faux silks or 100% silks. Asymmetrical Valance in Vibrant Red Toile Print Even though this custom valance style is interesting on its own with its two jabots that are completely different, it’s really the fabric that makes the valance here. The valance features an oversized bird print that’s surrounded by exotic foliage. To make the best use of this unique fabric design, this bird print was centered on each of the flat sections of the valance.


Custom Details on Luxury Valance Here’s a close-up of the handmade details on this custom valance. The red fabric also had a satin stripe finish that became even more pronounced as the valance draped over the drapery rod. Speaking of a satin finish, the yellow accent fabric also had a rich sheen, as well as a slubbed texture that gave it depth.


Living Room Valances Around Fireplace The valance style, framing a fireplace in a living room. Notice how its asymmetrical pattern puts the focus on the fireplace.


Board-Mounted Custom Valance in Kitchen Another way to infuse a custom window treatment with luster is to use faux silks or silks. A faux silk with fleur-de-lis embroidery was chosen for this open kitchen and dining space. The fabric was used to create a box pleated valance with pleated jabots above the kitchen sink.


Box Pleat Valance over Sliding Glass Doors It was also used to create a custom window treatment above wide sliding glass doors. The valance was installed high enough to accommodate this high-traffic area. Wide draperies were added to create the illusion of a wide sliding glass door and to allow more light into the space. Both valances were board-mounted.

Now that I look at all these examples, I realize that it’s hard not to create the appearance of luxury when red and yellow and combined. In any room where there’s a high contrast between two colors, there’s usually enough depth in colors to create opulence.

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