Etsy Shoppers: How to Buy Samples


If you found our shop through Etsy, use the following instructions to purchase fabric samples.


Step 1: Find a Listing You Like

Find a product listing you like. First, make sure it’s available in the size you need before you start looking for its sample. Eliminate the fabrics that don’t come in your needed size.

In the bottom right of the product image or in the product title, find out what the name of the fabric is.


For example, the fabric name of the listing above is Samos in French Grey.


Step 2: Find the Corresponding Sample

Method 1: Find by Browsing

You can find both fabric and trim samples by browsing the entire selection. Click here to do that.


Method 2: Find by Doing a Search

You can also find your desired fabric or trim by directly typing it into our search box. Using the example above, you’d search for Samos in French Grey and click on the sample.



Step 3: Add to Cart

Lastly, add your sample to your shopping cart and complete your purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your fabric samples?

It depends. Some where the pattern is small (solids, stripes, etc.) are about the size of a dollar bill. Fabrics with larger patterns have much larger samples than that.


Can I just buy any sample I want?

We don’t recommend it because then you won’t know if it comes in your needed product style or size. It’s best to first locate the product you want, then follow the measuring instructions to make sure it comes in the size you need, and only then purchase its underlying sample. There is no point in blindly adding a lot of fabric samples to your shopping cart only to later find out they’re not available in your desired product or size.


Can I buy a full yard to see the fabric instead of just a sample?

We currently carry fabrics by the yard made by Premier Prints only. If your desired fabric is made by Premier Prints, you can buy it by the yard here. We don’t sell fabric by the yard made by other manufacturers at the moment.


Can you help me find a fabric/trim sample that works with my room design?

We are a sewing workroom only and don’t have the capacity to offer personalized design services. We recommend ordering extra samples if you have a specific color you’re looking for, or hiring a local decorator or color consultant to get a second opinion.


I found a product I like with trim. How do I know which trim sample to buy?

The instructions are the same with trim as they are with fabrics. For products made with trim, the trim product code is written in the lower right of the picture. Trim samples, including fringe trims and grosgrain ribbon, can be found by going to this page.


Will the fabric always be in stock?

Fabrics are first come, first serve. Just like with any other product, fabric and trim mills run out of fabric and trim stock and need to restock and remanufacture on a regular basis. We don’t recommend ordering samples if you’re months away from placing your order.


If I come across a fabric that has both pattern I and pattern II available, do I need to buy samples for both?

It’s the same fabric, so one sample is enough. The difference is how the pattern is turned (as pictured). So for flat faux shade valances as an example, pattern I valances are available from 18″ to 52″ wide, while pattern II valances in the same fabric are available from 18″ to 120″ wide.