This post is about side flaps, an upgrade that can be added to any of our faux Roman shade valances.


What Are Side Flaps?

A side flap is an extension of the rod pocket on both sides of a faux Roman shade valance.  It is used for outside-mounted valances only.


What’s the Purpose of Side Flaps?

Side flaps serve four purposes.

  1. They allow you to switch your hardware from a decorative rod with brackets and finials to a rod with a projection, such as a lockseam rod.
  2. By doing this, they help to hide the curtain brackets and give you a finished look when viewed from the side.
  3. Side flaps also help limit some of the light that’s coming through on the sides of the window (called the “halo effect” around a window treatment).
  4. And lastly, side flaps can help you clear obstructions like cornice boxes, crown valances, and window trims if you wish to layer a faux Roman shade valance over them.


In essence, a side flap takes your faux Roman shade valance from this




to this:




Example: Lockseam rod by Rod Desyne with a 2-inch projection.


What Projection Will I Need for My Side Flaps?

We allow you to choose 2-inch, 2-1/2-inch, 3-inch, or 3-1/2-inch projections.

First, you want to take note of some of the obstructive elements we mentioned above and measure what kind of projection you need to clear those.

If there aren’t any, then you can pick any of the available projection sizes you like. Just make sure to locate the lockseam rod you want to use first to ensure the size and projection you need are available.

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