There can be a bit of confusion when the term “tailored” is used with curtains. But the idea is no different than buying a tailored suit or dress.

So a tailored valance is simply a top window treatment that happens to be fitted to a window. A tailored window valance isn’t necessarily a custom-made valance, but it can be. There are many valances that can fit a window perfectly that aren’t custom-made. But by the same token, a loosely fitting valance that’s marketed as a “one size fits all single windows” kind of valance isn’t tailored.

If the same valance ends up looking different when it’s installed on two differently sized windows, then it isn’t tailored. For example, a 70-inch valance may have to be ironed flat to fit a 68-inch window, yet it will have to be shirred on the rod to fit a 40-inch window. The best way to tell whether a valance is tailored or not is by the specific measurement requirements that it has.

For example, a gathered valance where the fabric can be pushed together or apart to equally fit windows that are 36 inches or 52 inches wide cannot be considered to be tailored.


Wood Cornice Over Kitchen Valance

Gathered valances like this aren’t a tailored fit.


This shaped valance can fit windows between 34 and 44 inches wide. While this may seem like a large range of width options, the valance actually looks tailored because the brackets on the curtain rod are adjusted to create a flat, snug fit.


Difficult windows like these corner windows not only require tailored valance, but you’ll need custom valances, too.


Tailored valances are often just a few inches wider than the window. Here, a 40-inch window was dressed with a 42-inch valance.


Ring top valances like this goblet pleat valance can be tailored, too. Even though the valance hangs casually and can be adjusted on the rod, this adjustment is limited to just an inch or two. It’s still a flat, fitted valance.


Another example of a tailored valance, but this valance fits around the panes of a patio door.


Not all rod pocket valances are tailored, but some of them are. Because this style is limited to only fit a window between 38 to 40 inches wide, it’s considered a fitted rod pocket valance.


Board-mounted valances are considered to be tailored and are custom-made.

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