Maybe you came across this odd name for this style of valance and were wondering, “What on Earth is an “M” valance?”

It’s very simple – it’s a valance that has a bottom hem that mimics the shape of the letter M. As unoriginal as the name is, these valances are actually quite unique.

You can select them in any color or fabric pattern that you’d like. And with some, large fabric patterns can be centered on the valance.





Most of our clients like to hang this valance as flat as possible.

By hanging it on a 2-1/2-inch wide continental rod (also known as a Dauphine rod), this valance can wrap around the brackets on the side to imitate the look of a clean, modern, flat cornice.

A continental rod.

Even though everyone has their own interpretation of the M-shaped valance, in our workroom we’re talking about a valance that’s made from a single panel of fabric when we talk about this style.

If you think about it, many valances will have an M-shape.

That’s because so many have swags in the center that are flanked by longer tails on the side.

The valance styles below we’d consider just pleated swag, flat swag, or London valances, not M-shaped valances.







Next, shop our M-shaped valances or check them out for some design inspiration.

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