A window valance can be used in any room, any time. There are no set rules on when or why to use it. It isn’t dated, either, contrary to popular belief. Window valances can be an interesting addition to a room, but this process has to be done correctly.

The right fabric and style have to be chosen and the valance has to be measured and installed correctly. Since there is a lot of misinformation about valances, it’s understandable why so many homeowners are on the fence about these window treatments. But how do you know your room is ready for a window valance? Should you get one, or not? And how do you go about it the right way?

Here are 8 reasons that should make you consider adding this beautiful style of window treatment to your own room.

Why you’d want to add a window valance:



Add dimension and weight to your window.

Window valances are a must if you’d like to add dimension and weight to your window. If you want layered, traditional window treatments, you can add an elaborate swag valance over a pair of heavy, extra wide draperies. However, it’s very popular nowadays to put a valance under a drapery as well to make a window look modern.

Either way, by layering your window treatments you will have a unique look that most people don’t have in their homes. And if you have been craving to do some interior design in your home, this is a great opportunity to put together several color and pattern combinations.


This valance is hiding behind a single drapery panel.



Soften up a cold and uninviting room.

If you just purchased your home, you might notice a lot of cold and empty elements in the rooms. You might notice the bare walls, the lack of rugs, decorations, pillows, and other things. The cold and uninviting wood and metal elements don’t make your home any cozier. If you have thick trim around your windows, a valance is actually a good way to soften up its sharp lines.

And if you’re worried that the valence will cover the trim around your windows, then get an inside-mounted valance. It won’t hide the trim, but it will instead soften the window and make the room cozier.


Outside mounted window valance.


Inside mounted window valance.



Add height to a room.

A window valance can add height to a room. Sadly, many homeowners install their new valance incorrectly (thanks to pictures on the packaging). An outside-mounted valance should be installed high up above the window, closer to the ceiling. Too many valances nowadays are installed almost on top of the window.

This gives valances a bad reputation, so many homeowners nowadays think that all a valance does is just block the view to their beautiful yard. Actually, when installed correctly, an outside-mounted valance is meant to frame the window, not block it.

For example, if you have just purchased a valance that’s 20 inches long, don’t install it just two inches above the window because that would mean that 18 inches of the valance would cover and block the window view.

If you have a standard 8-foot ceiling and crown molding right under your ceiling, this is where you want to install the curtain rod. Your valance should just barely cover the top of your window. That way, you’re able to draw the eye up and to make the room look taller and larger.




Bring the room together.

A valance can help you use the same fabric and color scheme in the entire room. Instead of having an unusual mix of colors and patterns that reveal that you purchased almost everything at a different store, it’s best to pick a consistent theme.

This is where a custom valance can be the right solution. It allows you to use the same fabrics throughout the entire room.

So if you have your pillows and other furnishings custom-made to match your valances, the entire room will come together in a consistent design.



Great for homes with children and pets.

Most people don’t realize it, but a valence is the go-to window treatment interior designers choose for homes that have children or pets. Walk into any model home or show home, and chances are, the children’s room has a valance on the window. Roman shades can be very dangerous because their cords can strangle your loved ones.

Your children or pets could also start tugging on heavy draperies while you’re not watching, so heavy drapery hardware that can fall down and they can suffocate under the heavy fabrics. A valance is one of the few window treatments that can be installed out of reach.

Window valances being high up on a window and out of reach also means the fabric stays cleaner longer and isn’t prone to bring constantly touched by dirty hands.

Remember, you also add height to your room by installing it higher. It’s a win-win.



A less expensive alternative to Roman shades.

Maybe you like the look of custom fabric shades but want a less expensive solution.

Let’s face it – real, custom-made fabric shades made with home decor fabrics and real blackout lining can be expensive.

They require a lot of labor, fabric, and hardware. If you like the look of a modern Roman shade but don’t need the functionality of being able to pull it up or down, a faux shade valence can help. There are many valance styles that can be custom made to mimic the look of a Roman shade.

If you have a lot of windows in your living room or your bedroom, a faux shade valance may be a way to meet a budget.


Three stationary valances used in a breakfast area to mimic the look of hobbled fabric shades.


A modern shade with contemporary geometric fabric? It’s a stationary valance with a rod pocket, actually.



Control the shape of the window.

Many valances nowadays are flat or have flat sections instead of having excessively gathered swags or sections. That’s because these valances already have a unique shape, so they don’t need all the bells and whistles. These unique shapes are able to completely change the window behind the valance.

For example, a boring square window can be made more interesting with a valance with a scalloped or arched bottom hem. Likewise, if you’re getting tired of an arched or palladium window, you can simply hide the arch shape with a boxed straight valance that’s installed near the ceiling.


The harsh lines of white cabinetry and trim around a window are softened up with an arched window valance.



Feature a unique fabric pattern.

Fabric design trends nowadays are becoming more and more colorful and artistic. And what better way to feature a special fabric than on a flat window valance? Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a unique novelty fabric print at your local fabric store that looks like a piece of art.

By having this pattern centered in the middle of a flat valance, you’re essentially creating a window treatment that looks like a piece of art or a piece of tapestry.

Take a look at our flat valances that are featuring medallion toile fabrics.


This valance was custom-designed around the fabric pattern.

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