Continental rods, also known as wide pocket rods or Dauphine rods, are a great rod option for some of our valance styles.

Here are just a few benefits of using a continental rod.


No visible side brackets or screws.

Regular curtain rods will have its hardware pieces visibly exposed on each side of the window whenever you do outside mounted window treatments. The hardware on a continental rod will be hidden from view.


A regular decorative rod has visible brackets and screws when viewed from the side.


Looks clean when viewed from the side.

A window treatment on a continental rod wraps around the sides and covers the bracket, provided that you’re ordering a tailored, fitted window treatment.


How Does Your Window Treatment Look From the Side?

M-shaped valances have deep returns that wrap around each side of the window. All mounted on a simple continental curtain rod.

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Creates depth with sizable returns.

A standard continental rod can be adjusted with a projection/return between 4 and 6 inches deep. Some can even go up to 8 inches. This is a great rod if you’re trying to mimic the dramatic look of a custom cornice.


Flat appearance looks more tailored.

Continental rods are best with tailored, flat valances that wrap around its sides. Instead of hanging on a bulging round curtain rod, these valances hang on a flat continental rod. It looks clean and gives it that cornice-style look. A great example of this are our shaped valances, which are tailored valances that wrap around each side.



2-1/2-inch size allows for sturdy support and wide pockets.

Most continental rods have a 2-1/2-inch flat surface, meaning that the corresponding valance also has to have a wide rod pocket to be able to slide through (rod pocket must be 3-1/2 inches or wider to fit a 2-1/2-inch continental rod). Larger rod pockets and continental rods, when combined together, provide a better, sturdier fit that most other standard curtain rods can’t offer.

If you’re choosing a heavy fabric, heavy linings, and flannel interlinings, sturdier curtain rods are a must.


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